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Happy 4/20! HOLY Sat!

3 days - 2 nights of … SCHOOL!


School-ees: Jeff, Jim, John, Nick

School-er: Emor’ the Fantaymo


Whale pods, Blue Sail Jellies.

Cat Hbr., 2-Hbrs

Puttanesca, Braats, SAIL, SAIL, SAIL!


Gracias, ALE!


We had a wonderful time aboard! We sailed to Catalina, celebrated an 18th birthday and had great family time. THANK YOU A Little Endeavor!


Mike, Janie, Chris, Craig, Kathleen, Holly, Mikeola, Kirra, Travis


Thank you for everything the boat is amazing and it had everything we need!




David & Karon




Captain Clint










Wonderful day with friends. We remember life is precious. Carpe Diem!




5 days 4 nights


Mary & Ron “sea”-captains

Sailed to Catalina! Fantastic weather. Too much fun…and food! Comfy quarters!


Other guests include: Dolphin Donna, Silly Cindy, Joyful Jerry


(At Descanso Bar ask for “I saw a dolphin” cocktail)



Thank you for this WONDERFUL opportunity to spend a few days aboard A Little Endeavor. This has been by far my favorite vacation/ I look forward to coming back to this beautiful boat on day!


Sierra & Zach

Spring Break 2018

11/17/17 - 11/19/17


The Len Shaw Family & Friends

“Captaincies” Len Shaw

Kevin & Kristin Shaw

Brian Shaw

Jennifer Shaw (First Mate)

Brad Beler

Bruce & Marina Hammergreen


Beautiful boat, Beautiful weather. Best time ever to Catalina and back. 

“Overflowing with good times and laughter”


God bless us all abundantly 



Boat ’N Hoes Roster:

(Clad in industrial chic aviator safety glasses)


The Commodore (our fearless leader & captain)










Let it Commence!



We survived! #aholeisahole



2017 Halloween Crew



What an amazing 15th wedding anniversary we had! Our time with our family and our fabulous captain, Hartmut Eggert, will not be forgotten! The boat was perfect! So comfortable! Our trip out to Avalon was perfect - clear, sunny, and dolphin-filled! :) We even managed to get teenagers off their devices which is no small feat. Everyone slept great at night and our only regret was that we didn’t have more time. Next time we want to plan 2 extra nights so we can have more time on the island and have some lazy hang out out time on the boat! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


Love -

Paul, Amanda, Ava (13), & Carmen (11)



Comfortable boat! Wish we had chosen the overnight option. We came from Dallas to visit. At least we got to see some beautiful dolphins.


“Yes I did see dolphins. I first saw a baby dolphin and a mama dolphin. They both were jumping together." - Isabella age 6


Crew: Isabella, Rita, Dan, Toni, & Jeana




ALE is a beautiful boat! We enjoyed sailing to Catalina. The weather was perfect. Thank You!


The Hardestys



Departed Monday at noon from Long Beach jetties. Arrived Avalon at 16:30 hours. Good wind from NW at 10+ knots. 2 tacks daily to avoid polar explorer tanker.


Tuesday: Sailed Avalon to Two Harbors. Departed 1300 hours approximately. Arrived 1600 hours. Dinghy was taken on board at Long Pt. due to swell.


Wednesday: Scuba dived two times at Bird Rock and along cove wall at body F-9 at night. Uneventful day over all with lots of good fun.


Thursday: Departed Two Harbors at 11:54 hours and arrived Marina Sailing at 1645. Sailed full on then reefed jib, then stuffed jib and sailed with Main only. Estimated wind 18 KPH from the Northwest. Motor hours 250.3


Crew: Elena, Laura, Letty, Mariana, Bob, Butch, Edwin, & Mark



Thank you for a wonderful weekend sailing to Catalina with A Little Endeavor! We sailed with dolphins, we fished and dived and swam and sped 9+ knots without turning on the engine…all in all, we have had an amazing time!


Till next time!


Sergi, Julia, Kelly, Katarina, Kate, Lana, Alex, Traci, Bojan, & Ines!



A Little Endeavor you’re a beauty! Thank you for a great weekend in Two Harbors


Dan, Tina, Luke, Ally, Mark, Michelle, Connor, Sam, & Gabi



Thank You A Little Endeavor for keeping

 Us safe and warm while visiting Emerald Bay in Catalina for a couple nights. We especially loved how quickly you brought us home (in less than 3 hours) with no need for your engine. You were comfortable, speedy, and most importantly, darn right fun. We are looking forward to many more sailing adventures together.


Sheila & Tom


Nick & Kelsi


The first guests on ALE!! So Lovely to meet the Little Family, and so awesome to see Captain Nick’s hard work on ALE in person! The cocktails and apps while we all sat and talked as the sunset turned late night was a perfect California moment. On 6/19 we had the pleasure of taking ALE sailing (my first time & Nick’s millionth!) and I am very proud to say non sea sickness here! It was a perfect day, I have to say my favorite part was watching nick do what he does best! We loved every moment. Thank you ALE for an unforgettable weekend, and taking me on my first sail. Nick and I are very grateful for it!


There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be.



Nick & Kelsi


Learned lessons from the inaugural sailing trip by a newbie.


  1. Pull the fenders up onto the boat before untying the ropes.

  2. Need a hat with a string around the chin

  3. “Good Teamwork!” Is a compliment not a command the I haven’t learned yet from the captain.





All the love,



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