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Frequently Asked Questions

The manual is located in the cabinet above the VHF Radio or click here:

How do I access A Little Endeavor's WiFi network?

Our WiFi network only works in Rainbow Harbor with the satellite (on the starboard stern pulpit) pointing towards the lighthouse.

Any tips on zipping up the sail bag?

By releasing the mainsheet and moving the boom to one side, you can access the zipper a little easier. We know it is a bit tedious, but greatly improves the life and quality of our sails to keep it zipped up. We appreciate your help in this matter.

First, take off the cushion of the bench seat to access the shorter table legs.

Unscrew the two knobs that latch the bench down.

From the metal bar on top, pull the bench seat up and back.

Pull off the table top and switch out the legs.

The table will fit once rotating 180 degrees.

Reconfigure the salon by reversing these steps.

How do we convert the salon table into a bed?

How do we operate the swim platform?

Simultaneously pull down on the rope below the platform that connects the two side latches and press the button down to operate correctly.

What's that painting of the pope looking guy? (if you haven't found it yet - you will)

A Little Endeavor's first home was in Greece where her name was Sailing Blue. This plaque came with her across the Atlantic. We keep it as a 

memory of her previous life and voyage.

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